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Help for DEGNOS to carry on its work among San children

Help for DEGNOS to carry on its work among San children

For the past 56 years, the Dutch Reformed Church has worked below the public radar through its DEGNOS primary schools to teach San children the value of spiritual growth, social cohesion, economic progress and a modern education.

DEGNOS helps the San people become spiritually, socially and economically sustainable through education, stated the organisation’s Chief Executive, Hendrik Johannes van Zyl when he accepted a very substantial pledge from the FNB Holdings Foundation to help them extend their schooling to more San children. Van Zyl stated that their vision is in line with the foundation’s vision of meeting the needs of disadvantaged children.

The DEGNOS primary school system is focused on San children particularly those from the northern and eastern regions where formal education is often a luxury. Some of the learners come from as far as the Zambezi Region but the bulk are natives of Oshikoto and in particular, of the Tsumkwe area.

“In its community upliftment programme DEGNOS focuses primarily on the San community who live in severe poverty. Their social problems are manifold and we thank FNB Namibia wholeheartedly for helping us move closer to our dreams,” Van Zyl added.

Revonia Kahivere, FNB Corporate Social Investment Manager confirmed that community development and educational initiatives receive the biggest slice of the bank’s corporate social investment ‘cake’ every year.



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