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Omaruru residents collect 1500 bags of rubbish lying around in town

Omaruru residents collect 1500 bags of rubbish lying around in town

Close to a thousand learners, teachers and residents in Omaruru collected 1 500 bags of recyclables in three sections of the town.

Bank Windhoek’s Omaruru branch staff members collaborated with the town’s municipality and residents in a clean-up campaign themed: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Such campaigns are essential to keep Namibia clean, and to spread the message of no to littering, yes to recycling. If we want a cleaner Namibia, we need to spread the message to our youth – our future residents and leaders,” said the clean-up campaign organiser, Raymond Spall.

He said that the campaign was a success as community members came out in numbers to support the initiate.

Thank you Bank Windhoek for being an active partner in this clean-up campaign. This recycling effort would not have been possible without your generous support,” Spall added.

The aim of the annual clean-up campaign was not only to clean the town, but to also raise awareness and educate the youth of Omaruru on the importance of living in a clean environment.

Three schools, namely Omaruru, Paheye and Ubasen Primary School participated in the initiative. Rent-A-Drum and Plastic Packaging sponsored the schools with refuge bags.

The overall winning school, Ubasen Primary School, collected approximately 3600 kilograms which equalled to 710 bags of recyclable waste and earned themselves N$2000 in prize money for their concerted effort as a school.

As Bank Windhoek Omaruru branch, we are delighted that we took part in this clean-up campaign hosted by the municipality. Bank Windhoek Omaruru branch and other local companies worked as a team and made the event a success. We are proud to have contributed to this positive initiative. When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated and healthy”, said Bank Windhoek’s Omaruru branch administrator, Lazarus Nghidimbwa.

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