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Communal producer gets bull worth N$40,000

Communal producer gets bull worth N$40,000

Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) delivered a Brahman bull worth N$40 000 to the farm of Ovitoto based winner of last years’ Communal Producer of the Year Winner, Esegiel Nguvauva, along with the unveiling of signage on his farm.

The farmer who won the prize during last year’s Meatco Producers’ award in the highly contested category expressed his gratitude towards the company for keeping their word, along with the promise that the bull would be well taken care of.

Nguvauva, who farms in the Ovitoto area in the Omatako constituency, said the bull was selected and acquired from a highly respected breeder and because of its known characteristics including heat tolerance. Although this is only one factor in the environmental adaptation of cattle, it is considered the most important.

The weekend farmer’s journey with Meatco is considered an exceptional one, because he previously produced for other abattoirs and not was not satisfied with the benefits, Nguvauva conducted research and then began to produce for Meatco not too long ago.

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