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Mural with a message

JA-MuralAs part of activities to commemorate World AIDS Day on 1 December, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Richard Kamwi last week unveiled the World AIDS Day mural at Soweto Market in Windhoek. The striking mural, which was done by Justus Shaanika and Petrus Amuthenu is in line with this  year’s theme of: “Getting to Zero. Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths” The theme is in tandem with the United Nations’ ‘Getting to Zero” campaign and runs until 2015. Under this theme, government and its partners will attempt to put focus on promoting human dignity, respect and protecting the human rights of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and those who are vulnerable to infection. The unveiling of the mural is dedicated to the pledge of curbing the negative impacts of HIV/AIDS.

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