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Projects set to break the cycle of generational poverty through education

Projects set to break the cycle of generational poverty through education

The Management Leadership Talent Search Club Namibia (MALTAS) will carry out projects across the country which will include; Keeping Rural Girls in School Campaign, caring for the elderly, Grade 10 and 12 Tsumkwe Empowerment Programme and the 7th Annual Cancer Run, which FNB will sponsor with N$50 000.

Dr. Wilfred Isak April, founder of MALTAS said that this partnership with FNB Namibia is aimed at breaking the cycle of generational poverty through education, to ensure that local youth become socially and emotionally intelligent and that young people and especially in rural areas can believe in the power of their dreams.

“We also aim to reassure young women all over Namibia that living and feeling good about themselves is key and that they soul follow their dream and we hope to produce more role models and youngster who become champions in their communities,” he added.

MALTA realized that their initiatives like, ‘Keeping Rural Girls in School’ will help to educate women and build their self image and confidence, ‘caring for the elders’ aims to love the elderly unconditionally and to reassure them that it is okay to grow old and to teach the you the importance of appreciation, caring and sharing for the elderly.

According to April, the Empowering ‘Tsumkwe Grade 10 and 12’s is to value indigenous knowledge and untangle cultural heritage giving a sense of meaning and identity form where we come from, and the Annual Cancer Run is merely not a run but it is about informing the youth abut the essence of health.

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