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Vocalist Esme to experiment, create and entertain at the Hilton

Vocalist Esme to experiment, create and entertain at the Hilton

Songstress Esme with support from Wilfried Kisting, Friday evening will set the tone at the Hilton Kalabar. The exiting performance will take place from 19:00 to 21:30.

It can be said that Esme is a vocalist in a class of her own and her vocal range remains unmatched in Namibia. She can manage deep notes like Sarah Vaugh would and the high notes with ease and composure, with a fine timbre that allows references to Anita Baker.

She is a singer in the prime of her life, originally from a gospel background, crossing over to soul and afro-soul and sounding best when doing jazz.

Meanwhile, Kisting is a sensitive accompanist who is always eager to compliment the singer and to bring forth the best in her. A degree of understanding is his forte and part of his brand at the same time and it underscores his musicality.

Some say that Esme does not sound better with any one other than Kisting, who comes from a wider musical family to which the patron is Pastor Kisting, an influential choir leader and highly gifted trumpet player.

This is a joint venture and commitment by the Hilton Hotel in partnership with Ondjila Y’Ondjaba Concert Agency, which allows individual musicians to extend their repertoires, test new compositions on a guaranteed audience and to extend on their individual fan base.

The Hilton through this project creates an ongoing platform for local musicians to experiment, create and entertain, and is a concept that was sorely absent within the Namibian Hotel Industry for a long time following independence and that is increasingly building momentum.

The event will be hosted by NAMJAMS and will be free of charge.

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