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Kindergarten teachers qualify after completing Amos Meerkat programme

Kindergarten teachers qualify after completing Amos Meerkat programme

Twelve more pre-school teachers from rural kindergartens graduated a fortnight ago after completing their training under the Amos Meerkat project, designed to improve the teaching skills of teachers who are not formally qualified.

At a certificate ceremony held in Otavi on 29 April, teachers Mina Ais, Mpingana Ngambue, Moses Armo, Hileni Mupupa, Christophine Hoeses, Dimeteria Toivo, Mietjie Nauses, Elizabeth Elao, Sentia Soroses, Engine Mabarandongo, Utinedley Harases and Pauline Somses received their certifiates from the instructors, Vazandu Hapuka and Rosa Nortjé.

The Amos Meerkat project identify rural pre-school teachers for further training to improve the school readiness of children in farm schools.

Commenting on the value of the broad training, Nauses who teaches at a kindergarten in Walvis Bay, said ”I have learned to be more patient and I think this will help me be a better teacher. I also realised during the training that problems in life should be seen as challenges which can be overcome if you work hard enough.”

Mpingana from Ruacana said “I learned to accept greater responsibility as a teacher and to lead and guide the children successfully, and always improve myself through constant learning and growing.”

The Amos Meerkat Schools National Pre-School Project offers every farmer or community the opportunity to start a pre-school on their land so that every pre-schooler can have the opportunity to be school ready.

The training programme and curriculum are designed to enable any mother on any farm, in any community and in any village to run a small pre-school for the resident children.

The project is sponsored by the FNB Namibia Foundation.

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