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Purpose, passion and good leadership – hallmarks of an entrepreneur

Purpose, passion and good leadership – hallmarks of an entrepreneur

A strong sense of purpose carried with passion and supported with good leadership, are three essential traits of the successful entrepreneur, O&L’s chairman, Sven Thieme told a captivated audience at a meeting of the Student Entrepreneurs Programme hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation.

“Success in every sphere is based on a clear defined purpose. Know your purpose, embrace it and live it. When you have passion for what you do, it no longer is a job. It is a habit that you enjoy” he told the students, explaining that a leader leads by example. He or she inspires, motivates and unleashes potential in all employees. “A leader creates a strong culture of excellence and a positive working environment.”

Expounding on this theme, Thieme said “Now that I know what my purpose and passion is, I need confidence to excel in an ever-competitive world. The more action, including risks, you take, the more confidence you gain. But, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence coupled with humility earns respect.”

After his enlightening presentation, Thieme said “I am deeply humbled by the honour that was bestowed on me to share my story and experiences with a group of young aspiring entrepreneurs and to make them understand the valuable and important role they play in the future of our country and economy.”

Driving home his point, he stated, “It was an absolute delight to also share the stage with some of our country’s greatest entrepreneurs who has personally inspired me over many years. A job well done by the government for this initiative, which I trust will be followed by many more such initiatives to unlock the potential of our youth for a prosperous future for our beautiful country.”

The Student Entrepreneurs Programme is a government intervention to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, helping them with the necessary knowledge, wisdom and guidance to embark on a lifelong entrepreneurial journey.

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