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Katuka women jump ahead with Emotional Intelligence

Katuka women jump ahead with Emotional Intelligence

The second round of training for mentors and mentees in the 2017 Katuka Mentorship Programme was conducted during the week.

From an initial focus on the mentor / mentee relationship, the approach in the regular training sessions has now shifted to specific items and topics in which the Katuka women feel they need more guidance.

After the orientation training in February, specific areas of training for the individual mentors and mentees were identified. This week’s training amplified the initial training to prepare both mentors and mentees for a meaningful mutual engagement during the course of the year.

The advanced training focuses on specific elements in the year-long relationships, providing guidelines and benchmarks to monitor the progress of the mentoring partnership between the more experienced mentor and the novice mentee.

In this week’s training, the focus was on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the 21st centurry defined as the ability to understand other people, to learn what motivates them, and to work in harmony with them as colleagues.

The Katuka Mentorship Programme has been sponsored by Telecom Namibia for the past sixteen years.

In the picture in the back row from the left are Sabina Ruegg, the Katuka trainer, Olivia Nghaamwa, Theopolina Fillemon, Georgia Kauapirura, Beulah Garises, Desere Lundon-Muller, the Marketing Manager of the Namibia Economist and organiser of the Katuka Mentorship Programme, Magdalena David, Hileni Rijnen and Erna Aisindi.
Seated are Hileni Natanael, Tulongo Neputa, Milly Awaras, Elizabeth Haingura and Asnat Neumbo.

Photograph by Freeman Ngulu.

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