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Employee training and development and your organisations growth

Employee training and development and your organisations growth

Selma Simbinga; Business Support Officer at NIPAM

Human resource management regards training and development as “an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of employees”.

Training and development is an important element of any country’s economic development. When employee’s skills and knowledge are maintained it assists overall economic competitiveness.

Employee training and development is crucial for any organisations success. As it ensures that employees skills, knowledge and abilities are updated at all times. When employees are trained, this helps boost the organisations productivity, their competence, abilities and confidence levels also increases.

In most cases by focusing on employee’s development, teams are able to make better decisions and do their job effective and efficiently. Current technologies are being developed all the time and it is not sufficient to run a one-off training session for your employees.

Regular training needs to take place to ensure that employees are using the latest technology comfortably. With regular training, organisations can easily identify weaknesses within employees.

Supervisors need to pay more attention to employees who lack knowledge, skills and experience, because this might lead to absenteeism, ineffective, inefficient performance, high employee turnover and poor service delivery.

Training and development needs should be viewed as an investment for the organisation but not an expense. In order for an organisation to be successful, adapting to good training processes with the best available training methods and professional guidance is a stepping stone.

NIPAM is one of such an organisation. Making sure that your employees are constantly advancing, your organisation will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the Public sector.

The Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) is an institution that help develop your employee’s knowledge and skills.

Mandated with the transformation of the public sector of Namibia in to an efficient, effective and accountable system through capacity development, consultation and research.

As a Management Development Institute, NIPAM is developing the capacity of Public Servants to equip them with the needed competencies that are essential for excellent performance.

The courses on offer at NIPAM are wide and diverse and will enable employees to enhance their performance at work. Key to the course offerings are various courses on all levels namely, the Senior Management Development, Middle Management and Supervisory Development Programmes.

“NIPAM will be an instrumental partner in assisting your public sector organisation in highlighting the value of employee development, the needs of the stakeholder and the consequent needs in terms of improved organisational performance and service delivery”. Said Yrika Maritz, Director Regional and Local Government (NIPAM). For more information, please visit our website –

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