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NSFAF online registration draws in numbers

NSFAF online registration draws in numbers

Since the launch of the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Online Registration System, 750,000 website page visits have been recorded on

The new Student Application Intake for 2017 is supported on the Loan Grant Application Management Information System (LGAMIS), with constant and continuous activity since the 15 December 2016 launch.

NSFAF CEO Nghiwete described the new system that has had more than 18,000 online applications submitted as a very user friendly and efficient technological innovative online Registration System that is multi-platform and supports SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger and WebSite on Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Nghiwete said that the system is very user-friendly and super easy to use with on average NSFAF always has some 50 potential students on the Application System at any moment

Requests and people logging on from all 14 regions of Namibia as well as South Africa, the UK, Russia and Taiwan have been recorded. “When you drill down deeper into the numbers, easily done as this process has now been taken online, everything is measurable and quantifiable,” Nghiwete said.

NSFAF has had 42,000 unique visitors for the online registration Eligibility Checker and more than 29,000 Facebook users engaged on the NSFAF Facebook page in a country with 340.000 People between 16 and 25 are active on Facebook.

Secretary General of Namibia National Student Organisation, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma said that both NANSO and NSFAF represent current and future needs of students. “We at NANSO are very pleased with this digital development of NSFAF. The simplicity of the system and the continuous improvements being made will greatly benefit the students.”

“The application system was launched on December 15th, 2016 and the entire new Applicants Intake 2017 process has shown that the Namibian youth is ready to use the online application services.“ Nauyoma said.

Nghiwete said that the system demostrates the efficiency of moving away from a paper based approach as more than 15,000 applications of potential students having been processed online. She said that the NSFAF has in Africa achieved a feat that no even the South African Assistance Fund has managed.

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