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The joys of motherhood

The joys of motherhood

This is my second attempt at writing this article, on how I’m enjoying motherhood and the love that I have for my daughter, because on my first attempt I was told my article was too superficial.
This made my body boil with anger. How can someone come to that conclusion? Are they in my head? Do they feel what I am feeling? Therefore this certain individual is implying that the love I have for my daughter is not real. The nerve!! How can someone decide on how I must feel for my baby?
Yes, people have told me countless time they do not see me as the mother type. Well guess what? Sorry to disappoint you I am. I did not reject my baby nor give her up for adoption, but instead I have never loved anyone the way that I love her and I can’t imagine my life with out her.
Yes, I feel all those cliché feelings that I have heard mothers say, when they describe how they feel about their children. Tough cookies for you if you think I am being superficial. To bad because I will not use overly descriptive adjectives to describe how I feel. The fact remains, I love her, I love her, I love her, plain and simple.
Of course the motherhood road is not easy. I get tired and frustrated all the time but that is just the tip of the iceberg, because majority of the time I am always happy, joyful and thankful when I think of the precious gift that is my daughter. I thank her for choosing me to be her mother. Yes, all clichés but the truth.
I wish for my baby to be an intelligent and dignified woman, who makes a difference in peoples lives and leaves a good mark wherever she is or goes. I want her to reach for the stars and be better and more successful than I am. She is my heart and always will be my heart.
My advice to mothers and mothers to be is to enjoy every moment with your child, because you never know when it will be your last. Cherish all the memories you have with your children because they grow up fast. Live for the moment and do not over think everything to much. Have a strong support system, (family and friends), that can help you in difficult times. If you do not have that, there are organizations that help single mother cope that you can contact. And do not forget to breath and take care of yourself, if you are not okay, nor will your baby be okay. Ask for help when you need it. Yes, all clichés but the truth.
I am going to raise her to the best of my ability, to be a better human being than me. I hope for all these things for my child, but non of them are guaranteed, but I put it all in Gods hands and I will keep on prayer for all these things for my child. Yes, all clichés but the truth
I love you, I love you and I love you to infinite and back, Lolwethu Siyanda Sinesipho Rasmeni my heart.
Yes, all clichés but the truth.

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