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Where is the Ohangwena Aquifer?

Dear Editor
The Ohangwena II aquifer with its huge,  ancient and pure water reserves found in Owambo has the potential to make this region not only the food basket of Namibia, but also to attract industry to this area which could lead to virtually zero unemployment in Namibia. Owambo can become a true oasis.
A country with an abundance of water should be able to be self-sufficient in food. Good examples of so called desert countries with a good source of water are Egypt, Iraq and Syria where agricultural activities along the Nile and the Euphrates rivers keep the people fed and employed.
I think it is of national interest to protect this aquifer against illegal drilling and potential polution.
In my view this water source is worth more to Namibia than discovering oil or gold. It is an endless lifeline for our country that deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and should be developed on a scientific basis to exploit it to it’s maximum potential. From what has been reported earlier, there are indications that this one aquifer has more water than what we shall need for the next 400 years. If that were true, imagine the miles and miles of irrigation we can establish in the North.
This is the chance we have been waiting for. Now is the time to grab this opportunity with both hands and develop it to its maximum potential.
What concerns me though is that this extraordinary find was in the news when it was announced and since then I have seen very little in the media. Has nothing happened since or has the aquifer dried up?

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