Finnish visit Dundee

A satisfied customer, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Vice President and Managing Director, Zebra Kasete, Finish Ambassador to Namibia, Anne Kristiina Saloranta, Graduate Trainee: Metallurgist, Klemensia Kambonde and Kari Pekka Arnold Saloranta were all smiles, in Tsumeb during the ambassadors recent tour at the beginning of the month. Ambassador of Finland to Namibia Anne Saloranta visited the Tsumeb Smelter “purely from the fact that a Finnish company Outotec partnered with Dundee to build the state of the art Sulphuric Acid Plant,” the N$ 3 billion project makes it one of the largest private sector investments in Namibia. Although she was not present during the inauguration, Saloranta visited the site at various stages during construction and was present at the Sulphuric Acid Plant’s ground breaking ceremony. Accompanying her on the recent tour was her husband Kari Pekka Saloranta and Kasete.

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