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Paratus redifines the PC promising excitement

Paratus Telecom flew the Namibian flag high recently when it launched its PEBL personal computer at the MyBroadband conference, a low cost personal computer. Its Chief Operating Officer, Schalk now plans to move assembling home.
The PEBL is a highly durable and integrated mini PC, powered by an Intel chip with a range to suit consumer pockets and performance needs. Using 12 volt power supply, the fan free PEBL consumes between 15 and 30 watts and is compatible with the popular operating systems Linux and Windows he outlined.
Additionally, MaxReign Tech and Paratus Telecom, joint developers will soon launch its PEBL SolarCloud project. “The PEBL SolarCloud platform and PEBL micro-servers will allow users to access curated files, web-content and web-apps over Wi-Fi on any device with a browser, at blazing speeds, regardless of Internet connectivity. Connected users can access the PEBL’s content and apps directly in the browser, just like browsing the web. The PEBL SolarCloud will provide a total solution for schools and universities that need to overcome electricity and connectivity challenges. Government agencies support is integral in making the PEBL SolarCloud a reality,” Erasmus said.
Erasmus added, “MaxReign Tech and Paratus Telecom have assertively approached ministries and public enterprises, such as the National Commission of Science, Research and Technology (NCRST), set up by government to specifically advance such projects, to realize their dream of transferring the PEBL assembly process to Namibia and create a distribution hub that will ultimately facilitate the whole of Africa.”
“A big rollout is anticipated end of November 2016. End-user retail pricing range from entry level N$7700 to N$11350 for your high end Core i7 models, VAT and Operating System included. All PEBL models come standard with 8 GB RAM, Wifi/Bluetooth and a 256 GB super-fast Solid State Drive, that may be paired with a 2.5” SSD/HDD drive,” Erasmus indicated.
Paratus Telecom and MaxReign Tech jointly developed a PEBL model specifically for schools and universities, priced under N$4500.00. Support from government agencies is vital in launching this model on an effective and financially viable scale, Erasmus told the Economist.
Erasmus added that MaxReign Tech and Paratus Telecom were in discussions with local and African distributors and relative participants to establish partnerships to roll out the PEBL within the local and African ICT markets.

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