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Diamond traders in Tsumeb

Diamond traders in Tsumeb

A delegation of the Namibia Diamond Trading Company recently took Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb up on the latter’s open invitation to any group interested to see firsthand how a copper smelter works. The group comprised Lukas Kavela, Yvonne Katjinaani, Paulus Shituna and Terence Kandjii. The diamond traders commented afterwards “Our expectations were exceeded, we learned a lot and it was all very intriguing. My team and I got more than we expected and we will be taking a lot home with us in terms of skills and new knowledge” said Kavela, the NDTC’s Safety and Sustainable Development Manager, adding that they will send another team to learn by observing the smelt operations. The NDTC team was hosted by Dundee’s Senior Chemist, Caleb Mukono. The team expressed their surprise as the size of Dundee’s operations saying the Dundee laboratory is huge compared to theirs.

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