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Coaching clinic for girls

The NFA Girls Centre commissioned Namibia Red Cross Society to conduct a First Aid – Class A training recently to seventeen girls and young women who play football or have stake in the game of football.
Although most injuries in football are minor, usually bruises and sprains, proper first aid helps to minimize the effects of injury. Seeing that team doctors are not always on site during matches, equipping footballers with First Aid skills can help to preserve life, prevent further harm and promote recovery of injured footballers. With this newly acquired skill the ladies can now use not only on the pitch but also at home whenever the need arises.
“I’m happy to be a first aider, now I can assist someone who may be in need when medical assistance is not available or has been delayed,” said Ndapewa Iipinge, one of the participants.
Sharing the same sentiments, Juliana Skrywer said, “As a football player, now I understand why medics place ice in bandage or a cloth before applying on a casualty and this is because ice can burn the victim’s skin.” The training forms part of the Centre’s Life skills programme which is aimed at equipping girls and young women with skills that will allow them to make better informed decision.

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