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The FNB big 5 winners

The FNB big 5 winners

Big 5: Steve Coetzee, Executive Points of Presence; Patrick Beukes (Rehoboth) Werner de Waal (Karasburg); Floriana Kisting (Katutura); Geroldoh Illarius; and Mona Lisa Tjongondjoza (Rundu); Tuuliki Shilongo (Oshakati). On 30 Septemberm, FNB held their annual Managers Conference, followed by an awards gala dinner with the theme ‘Back to the future’, where past achievements where reflected upon, while vision 2020 also featured prominently. Andrew Kanime, Head of Human Resources of FNB Namibia: “People are one of the four pillars of our strategy and vision 2020. We have a transformation plan designed to ensure that we have the best people working for us. Reward and recognition is part of our culture and we thank all of our people for their hard work, dedication and commitment.” The Big Five (branches with the Best Sustainable Growth in Profitability) branches awards were presented to Rundu, Karasburg, Rehoboth, Katutura, Oshakati.

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