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Journey well-travelled for Muadinohamba

Journey well-travelled for Muadinohamba

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Jeremiah Lucas Muadinohamba chaired his last statutory Board meeting on 27 September, having served as the Board’s Chairperson since October of 2010.
Muadinohamba has been holding the position for six years now, he diligently steered the Authority from a fairly medium sized Public Enterprise into the regionally acclaimed,logistics and maritime industry leader that it is today. He holds strong convictions in supporting government’s efforts of poverty eradication, education and skills development as well as a strong passion to ensure participation of the majority of Namibians in the mainstream economy.
Under his leadership, Muadinohamba obtained a balance sheet of N$2.6 billion to the present asset base of N$6.1 billion, underpinned lately by the flagship New Container Terminal Project which is currently being rolled out at the Port of Walvis Bay. The flagship was initiated under his stewardship in 2012. Upon completion, this will add a total of N$4.3 billion to the asset base of the Authority.
Namport now acquires an average of 80% of its total goods and services from Namibian registered and owned companies. The Port has embarked on employment schemes which specifically target members of marginalised communities for training and employment, with the ultimate goal being to plough back into the community.
Also under Muadinohamba leadership, bursaries were awarded to underprivileged and deserving students both locally and abroad.

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