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Art Gallery include big names for Omaruru Artists’ Trail

The National Art Gallery of Namibia will be taking part in this year’s Omaruru Artists’ Trail with a selection of works from some of Namibia’s most appreciated artists. The trail is scheduled to take place next weekend on 23 and 24 September.
Over the past eight and a half months the Art Gallery has held 14 exhibitions in Windhoek. Of these five were solo exhibitions by Yasiel Palamino (Colourful), Lynette Diergaardt (Remembrance through Cloth), Ismael Shivute (Day-To-Day), Kyle Weeks (Kyle Weeks: a solo exhibition) and Petrus Amuthenu (Freeing my Mind). Another nine were group exhibitions: 1984-1915: An Artistic Position, Art Inside 2016, Celebrating Print Making in Namibia: 26 years in the making, JUST, New Beginnings 2016, Perspectives, Old School Spirit, Conversations: a call for collaboration and Amazing Namibian Women. These exhibitions saw the participation of both local and international artists from various backgrounds.
A selection of these works have now been put together by the Art Gallery for the two-day exhibition at Omaruru. This overview exhibition wants to give an audience outside Windhoek a taste of the year so far. It contains works by artists at the beginning of their careers like Ismael Shivute and Kyle Weeks from their solo exhibitions, and veterans in the field like Andrew van Wyk and Papa Shikongeni from Old School Spirits. “By seeing a selection of all these works standing together we are given the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on a very busy year indeed” the National Art Gallery stated
“The artistic output of the Namibian art sector is a whirl wind of inventiveness and innovation that is not easy to keep up with. Initiatives like the Omaruru Artists’ Trail are a wonderful platform to celebrate and share the local diversity and harmony. There is a lot to be said for sharing the load and working with each other to create more space for our growing artistic community.”
The National Art Gallery advised that a bus will be departing from the gallery in Windhoek at 07:00 on Saturday 24 September to provide transport for the day to the Omaruru Artists’ Trail for Heritage Day.

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