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Fibre internet offers super speed

Telecom Namibia is edging closer to supplying high speed broadband internet. Telecom Namibia’s Chief Strategy Officer,Theo Klein, this week demonstrated the upgraded download speeds in Windhoek’s Southern Industrial area.
Using Multi-Service Access Nodes that have the ability to provide high-speed broadband access. The telecommunication parastatal plans to replace obselete copper cabling with a nation wide network of fibre optic cabling.
This new wiring of fibre optic cable will increase the speed of internet connection by up to three times while also reducing damage to copper cables by civil contractors and theft of copper cables that amounts to millions in lost infrastructure and poor service delivery.
Replacing the entire national network with fibre optic cables also improve the national asset which Klein said is currently not sufficient in handling high volumes of internet traffic. The high speed broadband access product demonstration point will also service businesses in the immediate Southern Industrial area with higher internet traffic handling capability of up to a hundred megabytes.
A prototype outdoor multi service cabin in the Southern Industrial business park also promise to increase downloads speeds by replacing the archetype old-styled copper wire network cabins. The new outdoor service cabins can be monitored and opened from Telecom’s headquarters.
At the live demonstration, the upload speed was a fraction of the upgraded download speeds. Which Klein said can be improved for clients by transferring over some of the download bandwidth to significantly increase the upload speeds.
“This connectivity makes way for the adoption of the internet connected home and place of work as Telecom Namibia will introduce a new LTE wireless internet product by October this year that requires no wiring.” Klein said. The Internet Service Provider currently has three Points-of-Presence as access points on the internet in Frankfurt, Cape Town and London with the fourth on its way.
Theo Klein said that the national roll out of the new fibre optic cable and the outdoor multi service cabins can be expected in a few years and will save Telecom in the long run due to savings in efficient service delivery.
With the increasing demands on telecommunication services, including data, video, voice, and multimedia services, large-capacity access networks that provide high-speed, high-quality integrated service have become the focus of access network development.
Telecom says that it is not only committed to addressing the ever-changing needs of customers but also of Government’s e-governance endeavour. The Minister of Publice Entreprises, Leon Jooste and Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Tjekero Tweya were also shown the new high speed broadband at another location.

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