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More German volunteers expected in Namibia

More German volunteers expected in Namibia

The worldwide volunteering service “Weltwärts” is enjoying growing popularity in Namibia.
Last week, Christian Grün from the German Embassy said good bye to the 15 German volunteers of the ASC Göttingen Sports Club who had been volunteering in Namibia.
The 15 volunteers supported social projects in Windhoek, Rehoboth, Eenhana, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Their work mostly concentrated around sports. In the mornings they supported schools with the physical education; in the afternoons they provided an array of different sporting activities or helped with community projects.
As of August, the new volunteers of ASC 46 are expected in Namibia and will continue the work of their predecessors. The Germany Embassy is particularly elated, as for the first time, two Namibian teenagers are heading to Germany in order do voluntary service. Again in the mornings, the two will assist with physical education in schools and will actively support training at sports clubs in the afternoons.

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