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Namibia reviews Foreign Policy

Namibia reviews Foreign Policy

The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO) this week initiated the start of Namibia’s Foreign Policy Review, one week conference. The review is prompted by His Excellency’s Harambee Prosperity Plan which stipulated for the review of Namibia’s foreign policy from the traditional foreign affairs policy to a more internationally integrated policy.
The opening session, which was opened by his Excellency, Dr. Hage G. Geingob was held at Windhoek Country Club Resort on 25 July. The policy is guided by Article 96 of the Namibian Constitution that states that in her international relations, Namibia shall endeavour to ensure that it, adopts and maintains a policy of non-alignment; promotes international co-operation, peace and security. The policy also caters for the creation and maintenance of just and mutually beneficial relations among nations.
Speaking at the opening session of the policy review Hon. Netumbo-Nandi-Ndaitwah noted, “Dynamic changes have and continue to take place at the national, regional and international level with fundamental impact on our political, social and economic development. All these changes warrant a review and adjustment of our White Paper on Namibia’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Management.”
Ndaitwah explained that the review’s aim is to analyse the impact of global changes on domestic policies, reflect the new and emerging issues and identify strategic priorities of foreign policy. “This will enable us to maximize the benefits we derive from our international engagements” she said.
The topics of presentation and discussion range from Poverty Eradication, Agriculture, Blue Economy, Trade and Investment, Multilateral and Bilateral Cooperation, Infrastructural Development, Land Reform, Foreign Service, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, Education, Gender and Youth Empowerment.
The policy review also includes a highlight exhibition on the evolution of Namibia’s Foreign Policy. The photographic exhibition portrays Namibia’s engagement with the SADC region, African continent and the rest of the world since it’s national liberation struggle hitherto. The role of Namibia in SADC election observer missions, AU and UN peacekeeping operations were also highlighted.
The participants at the conference included the Government, Parliament, Diplomatic Corps, Academia, and Civil Society.

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