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Please stop hollering at me

Please stop hollering at me

Catcalling a.k.a shouting perverted things at random women on the street, is when a guy gives a whistle or yells something usually directed to a female, for the purpose of getting attention. It’s a form of sexual harassment, and a fast number of Namibian women experience this form of harassment every single day.
Ladies, have you ever walked in Wernhil Mall, and the next thing you hear is some random guy whistling at you or yelling at you “what’s up my size?”, “ why do you look so angry? ” that’s the catcalling, I’m referring to and women can relate.
Catcalling is one of that Universal Phenomenon’s that has been dressed up as “appreciation” by men towards women; it is such a daily occurrence that the police don’t consider it as a form of harassment, and that majority of women should be used to such perverted behaviour. Why can a girl not just walk down the street without feeling violated? Most of the time I am always surprised by what men call me, I get “Hey baby”, “Lekker ding”, “Heaven Sent” and when I don’t respond I get things like “Now Gann ook man”, “Ugly thing”.
Why do men catcall in the first place? Men catcall at women because they have this preconceived idea that women like being hollered at, and majority of them do it because they find it funny. Some men believe that whistling at women walking by is a compliment and that we appreciate it when men holler at us. Men who do this are those that think that it’s okay to objectify women and disrespect women by yelling at them isolated compliments.
I Will never forget my first catcalling experience, it was back in high school and on my way home from school; I walked by a group of construction workers. Walking by, one of the workers yells at me “Hey Beautiful Thing!, can I come and escort you home?”, I continued walking and pretended like I didn’t hear him, then another shouted, “Why are you not responding? You think your pretty or what? ”, and another “Fat thing, Your Ugly anyways!”, I started running for my life, I didn’t know what to do at that time I felt so embarrassed and humiliated.
It doesn’t matter who I am with, where I am or what I’m doing, catcalling is bound to occur. Apart from the small percentage of women that don’t mind being catcalled, no woman appreciates this type of behavior. Catcalling can emotionally and mentally scar women. It’s inappropriate, disrespectful, makes us as women feel worthless and it’s not OKAY!
Some men should realize that there is nothing cute or friendly about having derogatory comments hollered at you, as you try to walk down a street. Young boys need to be taught how to respect women, if a men can walk down a street and not having to worry about whether or not someone is going to say something vulgar at them, touch them or follow them neither should us as women. The thing is, what actually makes some men think that a women’s mere presence on the street gives him the right to comment on her appearance or something else? Please stop it!

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