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De Beers exhibit most valuable diamonds

De Beers exhibit most valuable diamonds

The world’s biggest diamond company, De Beers, unveiled some of its most exquisite diamonds from its own High Jewellery collection this week at the 2016 Paris Couture week,
“Our new High Jewellery collection … transforms our salon in the historic Rue de la Paix into a daydream experience along the banks of the Thames” De Beers stated.
“Inspired by the winding course of the river and the silhouettes of the surrounding city it intersects, the collection embarks on a voyage through London, capturing five landmarks it passes in exceptional diamond form – Albert Bridge, Battersea Light, Elizabeth Tower, London Eye and bringing the Collection together, the Thames Path.”
“We are proud to call London our home and to introduce our first collection designed as a tribute to our brand’s founding city. These unique pieces have been created to encapsulate the magical light that dances on these iconic landmarks and reflects on the majestic Thames, bringing to life the unique spirit of London. The five sets showcase exceptional, fluid craftsmanship to reflect the water and the light through the beautiful combination of diamond cuts and skilful jewellery techniques,” François Delage, CEO De Beers Diamonds Jewellers.
“To complete the London by De Beers collection,” added Delage, “we have worked with our longstanding collaborator Mary McCartney to capture the unique spirit of London and the De Beers woman. McCartney explores our chosen landmarks, presenting them over five atmospheric yet intimate photographic diptychs, the double exposure technique mirroring the fine craftsmanship of our beautiful diamonds” De Beers announced to mark the beginning of the exhibition.
“Alongside the London by De Beers pieces, we were proud to present a selection of exceptional solitaire diamonds titled 1888 White Master Diamonds. A testimony to our over 125 years of unrivalled diamond expertise, these diamonds have been selected by our President of the De Beers Institute of Diamonds for their unique beauty. This collection showcases rare white diamonds of over 10 carats, including rarely seen M to X colour diamonds, truly unique to De Beers, alongside more classical whites such as a 17.23 carat D Colour Pear pendant” according to Delage.

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