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World Music day to rock your weekend

World Music day to rock your weekend

Annually, crowds of humans assemble the world over to celebrate World Music Day on the European solstice. In Namibia, the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre with the generous help of Total Namibia will be hosting the 21th anniversary of World Music Day. This year the festivities are sure to divert audiences away from the mundane activities of everyday life and will take place this Saturday on the 25th in four towns, Windhoek, Rundu, Katima Mulilo and Oshakati.
As is tradition on World Music Day, the concerts are free of charge, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age or upbringing. Musicians from all walks of life and any genre are participating at this year’s World Music Day concerts throughout the country, where jazz, soul, funk, rock, electro, reggae and many other musical styles are celebrated with vigorous enthusiasm and in a cheerful and festive atmosphere by both amateur and professional musicians.
The family-friendly festival is a popular destination for families with their children who are able to enjoy running around, while listening to great musicians. A winter market will also take place during the day at Palm Tree Park in Windhoek, with dozens of stalls with food, crafts, drinks and other entertaining activities.
The FNCC stated it is proud to provide a platform to bring out the true potential of upcoming and renowned musicians to perform, and to be a facilitator in bringing the crowd the best of Namibian talents and the true value of local musicians. The line up of performing artists include live bands such as The Fate of Miss H, a band renowned for rocking the paint off of any venue with great guitar and the mesmeric rock blues vocals of the lead singer.
The line up is quilted with entertaining music of various genres with artists such as Priscella the Desert Queen, Savannah Afros, Toshi, Formula Band, Sally Boss Madam, Enchante and many more. All the entertainers have only one common goal, to get the crowds dancing.

Saturday 25 June at the Palm Tree Park in Windhoek from 10:00 to 18:00 and in the evening at the Warehouse Theatre from 19:00 until late.
In Katima, Mulilo it will be at the Open Market from 09:00 to17:00, in Oshakati at the New Open Market from 09:00 to 17:00 and in Rundu at Dr Romanus Kampungu Stadium from 08:30am to 17:00.

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