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2016 Katutura Expo launched

2016 Katutura Expo launched

The 6th edition of the Katutura Expo was launched on Tuesday this week by Honourable Ambrosius Kandjii, the Chairperson of the Expo and also a Member of Parliament. This year’s theme is “Together we can break the chain of poverty. The popular urban expo is scheduled for 27 to 31 July 2016 at the Katutura Youth Complex.
Hon. Kandjii stated that the continuing existence of the Expo will contribute to the implementation and success of the Harambe Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030. “This year’s Expo is envisaged to be bigger and better than last year’s, therefore we humbly request for the corporate companies, government ministries, agencies and farmers to get on board to steer this ship to success,” he emphasized.
Kandjii announced that when they started with the Expo six years ago, they had a budget of N$30,000. This has grown to N$60,000 for the 2016 Expo. Last year, the fair was visited by some 36,000 people. In its first year, the expo was visited by only about 3000 Katutura residents.
“We have a cash flow of approximately N$2 million and we would like to thank the people of Katutura for their support through out the years,” he said.
He also informed the media that entrance fees for adults will be N$20 and N$10 for students with a student card and learners with uniforms, while children under five and senior citizens will be free. “The cost for the exhibition space for corporate companies and government ministries is N$4900 and N$3000 for small and medium enterprises,” he added.
The Expo will have activities such as trade exhibitions of large companies and small and medium enterprises from Katutura, an agricultural livestock show competition, daily entertainment by prominent Namibian artists, cultural entertainment by various cultural groups, sports, children entertainment and adult entertainment.

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