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Standard Bank introduces achiever banking

Standard Bank introduces achiever banking

Standard Bank Namibia unveiled its new Achiever Banking Value Bundle earlier this week, in its quest to become the most innovative bank, that introduces meaningful products and services.
The Achiever Banking Value Bundle costs N$ 99 per month and is available to customers earning a gross monthly income between N$7 000 to N$19 999.
Rejoice Itembu, Head of Personal Market Segments at Standard Bank said that they came up with ways to enhance the offering of the Achiever Account in such a way that it is up to speed with the evolving needs and wants of their customers.
“We wanted to see a solution that not only addresses our Achiever customer’s banking needs, but one that provides them with meaningful value added,” she said.
“The Achiever customer is a very aspirational customer, goal driven and one who is seeking for a financial partner who can help them to manage their money, to save, help them with unexpected expenses, help them to protect themselves and their families and enable them with technology as well as provide them with quick and easy banking,” said Bryan Mandy, Chief Financial Officer of Standard Bank.
The Achiever Banking Value Bundle includes unlimited electronic transactions per month, like debit card purchases, inter-account transfers, with 3 free ATM withdrawals per month and much more. It also includes a AchieverSave Account to promote a culture of saving and a funeral cover to the value of N$10 00, physical impairment cover of up to N$57 000 (3x gross monthly salary) and death cover for up to N$57 000 (3x gross monthly salary).
The Achiever customer will also be able to apply for a facility that finances a smart phone or tablet. Other features include a Standard Bank Silver Debt Card, enhance with an EMV chip as an added security feature and one that allows customers to make online purchases, which will be available end of May 2016.
Achiever customer Nicklaus Tjamburo, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from UNAM and is currently a station manager at Mincom Namibia said he is satisfied with the product and that it shows that Standard Bank cares for their clients.

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