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Kalahari Anib Lodge facelift complete

Kalahari Anib Lodge facelift complete

Kalahari Anib Lodge located 30 kilometres outside Mariental was reopened at the beginning of April to the public after three months of renovations.
With the rebranding slogan implemented in 2014, the ‘feel closer’ theme was applied to the design of the lodge.
The architect, Sven-Erik Staby, said that the new design is aimed to bring nature into the lodge and according to him, this was successfully achieved with the use of warm colours unique to the Kalahari Desert.
A total of 21 freestanding chalets were converted to comfort rooms, both double- and family-units, overlooking the savannah and watering hole.
The 30 standard rooms, surrounding the lodge courtyard, underwent a hard-revamp with all new furnishings and facilities.
Further renovations have allowed for brand new structures to be built. The reception and a souvenir shop are now placed in a freestanding building next to the bar and restaurant.
The restaurant has also been expanded and offers a full buffet dining experience. The bar is uniquely decorated, with two fireplaces set into ‘sand pits’ on either side of the room, to allow guests the chance to enjoy the red Kalahari sand.
Furthermore Staby said, what makes the Kalahari Anib Lodge revamp so unique, is the use of local, handcrafted artwork and décor used throughout the lodge, maintaining the ‘local flavour’ throughout. This is thanks to the work done by Melanie van der Merwe and Anke Klein of Women Unleashed (WU).
Also present at the reopening of the lodge, was Claus Schultz who, together with his wife Anka, ran the Anib Guest farm from 1992-96. The guest farm was the predecessor to Kalahari Anib Lodge.
Schultz’s first impression of the renovations was, “I am so astonished at how the setup has changed over the past 20 years. I really like it, in terms of architecture, and it is very well decorated. The entire look of it is welcoming and really speaks to a person. It is a luxury lodge, with a country-style and a natural character to the space.”

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