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Agra ProVision goes high-tech

Agra ProVision goes high-tech

Agra ProVision now provides state of the art “bull and sheep” fertility testing countrywide. Using the IMV Technologies CASA System, an almost immediate analysis of sperm motility, concentration and morphology can be obtained, based on technology using image analysis systems that are more accurate than using the human eye.
This service will be facilitated by a registered Veterinarian, to ensure that the accurate analysis report is presented to the farmer instantly after the collection of semen, with assistance in interpreting the results.
To supplement semen analysis, Agra ProVision also offers other assisted breeding services, such as testing for abortive illnesses, venereal diseases and pregnancy, to ensure that livestock farmers are best equipped to optimize reproductive performance of their livestock herds/flocks.
Dr Fonnie Bruwer, Agra ProVision’s Veterinarian advised that semen should be routinely evaluated in livestock as part of a breeding management programme, to guarantee high reproductive performance.
“The economic importance of a high breeding efficiency and efficacy in farm animals emphasises the benefit of accurate prediction of livestock fertility and reproductive health factors. “
“Therefore, this service provides the ideal and accurate semen analysis, in a simple and practical manner to inform farmers on factors affecting their livestock reproduction value chain,” Dr Bruwer explained.
Agra ProVision has over the years imparted knowledge and skills to producers on how improve on their farms productivity, and this new service forms an integral part of their farm management system.
Agra ProVision offers this as a mobile service, enabling any Namibian farmer to benefit.
Livestock farmers are therefore strongly encouraged to seek this new service, to increase and optimise their farm’s productivity and profitability.

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