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Kunene communities get EU civil grants

Kunene communities get EU civil grants

Opuwo was the centre of activity in the Kunene Region last week when fourteen community projects received their guarantees of funding at a solemn ceremony where the grants were presented. All projects are in Kunene and all projects qualified for funding as community development projects.
The grant ceremony soon turned joyous when representatives of the various projects were informed of the funding they have just received. The combined value of the funding package exceeds N$420,000.
Nearly 250 applications were received from across the region for this grant programme funded by the European Union. The grants will be used to buy equipment for horticultural projects, to assist production of crafts, to boost tourism activities, and to support women, children and orphans.
“These grants give a boost to small, local community projects. Our resources are limited but we are delighted with the quality of the successful applications and we are confident that they will have a great impact in the development of their communities” said Andrew Harris, Executive Director of the Civil Society Foundation.
Attending the ceremony was the Governor of the Kunene Region, Hon Angelika Muharukua, and HE Jana Hybaskova, Ambassador-designate of the European Union to Namibia, for her first public appearance.
Projects Summary:
Omungunda Garden Project in Opuwo for buying gardening materials, N$39,204.
Okatumba Group Farming in Opuwo for buying gardening equipment, N$39,770.
Blessed Day Care in Opuwo to upgrade the equipment for the daycare centre, N$12,378.
Sorris-Sorris Community Craft Market in Khorixas to develop the craft market and products, N$29,468.
Outjo Pig Farming in Outjo for more pigsties and equipment to increase production, N$39,997.
Outjo Group for gardening materials and equipment, N$38,011.
Ano’s Soup Kitchen in Kamanjab to improve the equipment for the kitchen, N$11,988.
Molla Trading CC in Okangwati Village for a water tank for the garden, N$37,291.
Matukondjo Support Group in Okavingava to buy gardening equipment and seeds, N$13,653.
Karakul Craft Market in Khorixas to buy material and machinery, N$27,681.
Kevako Voluntary Organisation in Okatuwo to strengthen the existing gardening project, N$39,776.
Women Support Women’s Group in Outjo for office equipment, N$26,035.
Kaoko Tourist Information Centre in Opuwo to buy office equipment for expansion of services, N$29,985.
Orozondjise Leather Enterprises in Okonjota to expand the business centre and developing products, N$35,391.

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