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Metropolitan throws its support behind Gravity Cup school sports tourney

Metropolitan throws its support behind Gravity Cup school sports tourney

Long-term insurance company, Metropolitan is set to sponsor the Metropolitan Gravity Cup school sports tournament.

The event is scheduled to unfold from 26 to 28 October at Affies Park in Windhoek.

For Metropolitan, this sponsorship signifies more than just a competition; it stands as a representation of community aspirations and unity.

With 39 schools and 136 teams poised to showcase their athletic prowess across various sports disciplines, including 9 private schools and 30 government schools, the excitement surrounding the tournament is palpable.

The sports featured will range from Soccer 6-A-Side, Netball, Hockey 5’s to Rugby 7’s, showcasing the extensive athletic talent within Namibian schools.

Ingah Ekandjo, Metropolitan Retail Executive, emphasized the company’s belief in the transformative power of community engagement. She stated, “This tournament is more than just sports; it’s about making a lasting impact in communities across our beloved country. Investing in our youth through sports not only nurtures talent but shapes the leaders of tomorrow.”

Metropolitan’s ‘Blue Ticket Winners’ initiative exemplifies their dedication to inclusive community development. Schools were invited to submit motivations explaining why they deserved an opportunity to participate.

The winning schools, namely Shamangorwa Secondary School from the Kavango East Region, Empelheim Secondary School from the Hardap Region, and Xungileni Primary School from the Omusati Region, will enjoy an all-expenses-paid experience, covering entry fees, transport, accommodation, and meals for 50 individuals over the 4-day event.

Valentines Kamenye, Principal of Shamangorwa Combined School, expressed gratitude for the holistic approach to the development of young Namibians through this opportunity. He emphasized that it goes beyond sports entertainment, focusing on overall personal growth.

“It fills us with immense pride to be the first school from the Kavango East region to be acknowledged in such a manner,” said Kamenye.

Shaun Powell, Representative of Gravity Sportswear and Nutrition, highlighted that the Metropolitan Gravity Cup embodies dedication, passion, and unity among the youth.

He underscored the collaboration with Metropolitan as a means to provide a platform for young athletes to shine and bring communities closer together in the process.

Ingah Ekandjo, Metropolitan Retail Executive.


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