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Namibia hosts African Union Water Week on behalf of southern African region

Namibia hosts African Union Water Week on behalf of southern African region

Namibia is host to the Africa Water and Sanitation Week for the southern African region, as part of the broader African Union focus on water. The virtual event runs next week from 22 to 26 November 2021. It is run jointly with the African Ministers’ Council on Water and the African Union Commission.

The full event comprises the 8th Africa Water Week and 6th AfricaSan Conference.

The Africa Water and Sanitation Week is a platform for dialogue and sharing of knowledge on advancing the water and sanitation agenda in Africa. Participants will also discuss action plans for the pursuit of water and sanitation targets of the SDGs. These will follow from the week-long discussions on solutions to overcome water challenges and to try and salvage the lofty ideals of the Africa Water Vision 2025. The conference is conducted both in English and in French.

The Africa Water and Sanitation Week seeks to promote water security for the entire continent by 2030, and to teach people to stop open defecation by providing universal access to adequate sanitation.

The conference themes focus on water security, managing crossborder water resources, managing groundwater extraction, managing water against the background of climate change, and boosting enablers that will help the continent achieve its water targets.

Accelerating access to adequate sanitation and promoting hygiene at community level are key elements of the discussion around sanitation as a sine qua non for development. This includes investigating both available and novel financing models for sanitation.

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