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Woolworths donates clothing worth N$2.8 million to CO-Feed Namibia

Woolworths donates clothing worth N$2.8 million to CO-Feed Namibia

Woolworths donated N$2.8 million worth of brand new surplus stock to CO-Feed Namibia in a bid to provide clothing items to families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

Yobe Mvula, Woolworths Regional Head of Africa said while the retailer welcomes the opportunity to partner with local charity organisations, they are committed to supporting the collection and distribution of surplus clothing to charity, and continues to integrate long-term sustainability into policy and plans in a bid reduce the amount of clothing and waste ending up in landfill.

Mvula added that they distribute and donate surplus food from their stores to more than 1000 charities throughout the year and are proud to be able to further extend their efforts by providing clothes to the vulnerable communities, especially during the winter season.

“We want to help families across the country and at the same time be responsible in how we manage our excess inventory, and working together enables us to make a great impact to communities in need,” Mvula said.


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