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Only one third of water left in dams – Meatco

Only one third of water left in dams – Meatco

NamWater announced that all the dams in the country were 33.6% full at the beginning of this month, meaning there are 234,071 million cubic metres of water available, according to a Meatco’s webpage.

Last year, during this period about 296,484 million cubic metres (41%) of water was available countrywide. At the moment, the Naute Dam in the south holds more water (83,465 million cubic metres) than the Hardap Dam (82,799 million cubic metres).

The Hardap Dam at Mariental can store up to 294,593 million cubic metres of water. This means that the available water in all dams would not fill the Hardap Dam, hence, if all 17 dams in the country are full, they store 695,984 million cubic metres of water.

On 4 March, NamWater announced the current percentages for the various dams compared to percentages during the same period of 2018 are as follows: Swakoppoort Dam 18.3% (2018: 38%); Von Bach Dam 47.3% (52.3%); Omatako Dam 0.6% (0.9%); Friedenau Dam 29.5% (26.4%); Goreangab Dam 100.2% (97.7%); Otjivero Dam 4.1% (11%); Otjivero Silt Dam 0.0% (0.0%); Tilda-Viljoen Dam 4.3% (36.3%); Daan-Viljoen Dam 4.2% (26.1%); Hardap Dam 28.1% (49.4%); Naute Dam 99.9% (72.9%); Oanob Dam 53.9% (68.2%); Dreihuk Dam 1.1% (9.9%); Bondels Dam 0.0% (0.0%); Olushandja Dam 20.2% (20.2%); Omaruru Delta Dam 0.0% (0.0%) and Omatjenne Dam 0.0% (0.0%).


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