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Exhibition depicting visions of the future set for National Art Gallery

Exhibition depicting visions of the future set for National Art Gallery

A multidisciplinary exhibition of contemporary art from Germany, ‘Future Perfect’ will open 19 September at 18:00 at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN).

The exhibition depicts visions of the future and speculations on the course of history, will be a collaboration between the Art Gallery and Goethe-Institut.

Produced by 16 artists from Germany, the exhibition has films, photographs, sculptures, paintings and collages instigate questions regarding the future’s perception as a finished past and moving beyond tried-and-trusted ways of thinking.

Chief Executive Officer of the Gallery, Snobia Kaputu, said she hopes people will embrace the exhibition as artists are dreamers and reflect their envisioning of the future through their work that is part of a global conversation on how history effects the present and how technology influences the future.

“In Africa and specifically in Namibia, it has and still remains a dialogue on how technology has and continue to change our heritage and culture, but living in a global village driven by social and economic demands, it is expected from us to change our mind-set as per changes that come along with technology, but that should not allow us to forget our roots and neither compromise the foundation laid by our forefathers regarding our heritage and culture,” she said.

Kaputu explained while the exhibition is from Germany, the sentiments shared through its content reflects a multinational challenge that requires every citizen of the global village to accept the past and that the future is unknown.

“This requires everyone to become a dreamer of the future and how technology will affect that, while putting strategies into place that will allow future generations to cope with the pace of technological changes,” she added.


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