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Logistics Hub and the Quayside dream: Transport and jobs

Logistics Hub and the Quayside dream: Transport and jobs

With a focus on employment creation, economic and infrastructural development, and increased income equality, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG)’s Logistics Hub Department remains devoted to the dream: Namibia as Africa’s best logistics centre.

Since its inception, the Logistics Hub Project has worked feverishly to introduce the concept of a focal area where all the activities relating to transport, logistics and goods distribution, nationally and internationally, are carried out on a commercial basis.

WBCG Logistics Hub Manager, Clive Smith expresses the integral significance of this project. “The Logistics Dream can empower the institutional, administrative, and financial capacity of Namibia and further promote coordination efforts between industries in the country, region and abroad. This project holds many employment opportunities as the utilization and enhancement of the existing institutional capacities; expertise and resources are further illuminated”.

Despite the creation of 37 million new and stable wage-paying jobs over the past decade, only 28% of Africa’s labour force holds such positions.

Instead, about 63% of the total labour force engages in some form of self-employment or vulnerable employment, such as subsistence farming or urban street hawking.

Coupled with the overall objective to put in place sustainable institutional arrangements and mechanisms that would ensure the transformation of the Port of Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay Corridors into Economic Corridors for the socio-economic growth and development of the country, the Logistics Hub project seeks value, even for the ordinary man on the ground.



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