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Gondwana hoping to appoint CEO Q1 2017

Gondwana hoping to appoint CEO Q1 2017

Hospitality company the Gondwana Collection is hopeful it will fill its Chief Executive Officer position by the first quarter of 2017 according to their Public Relations Officer Ilke Stoldt. She made the revelation when quizzed by the Economist this week.
Stoldt briefly responded, “The Human Resources Management Services of Potentia is assisting us to find a new CEO. If possible we want the new CEO to assume duty in the first quarter of 2017. Mr Goldbeck will step aside as CEO but will remain in the company as Executive Director for Branding and Marketing. Gondwana believes in team work, certainly he and the other well-established executive directors as well as the Board will support the new Chief Executive Officer.
Current Chief Executive Officer Mannfred Goldbeck will make way to shift his energy to branding and marketing activities while also working hard to improve Gondwana’s environmental management practices, Gondwana explained in a statement it issued earlier.
“As Gondwana moves into the next decade and the next part of its journey, he has decided to hand over the reins to new blood. Goldbeck will remain with the company as a senior executive and focus his energy on Gondwana Branding and Marketing, as well as on further improving its Environmental practices with the aim of achieving truly sustainable tourism.”
Goldbeck will also be focusing on building a Gondwana Hospitality Academy at the group’s Kalahari lodge near Stampriet, to ensure that Gondwana’s “renowned service quality continues to improve through providing young Namibians with new opportunities and skills. These areas of brand profile underpinned by meeting and exceeding guest expectations, sustainable environmental management and investing in the people of Namibia are at the heart of Gondwana’s values and are the soul of the company.”
“Mannfred Goldbeck has built and nurtured these values. He will now have more time to redefine and grow the core elements of these values, strengthen the synergy between them and help lift the company to greater heights” Gondwana said.

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