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Month: September 2015

The tide is turning

Undoubtedly the two subjects that currently feature most prominently in financial circles, is the rapid depreciation of the Rand and the dramatic decline in the price of oil. For the investor, these are important indicators and...

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Better briefing for better communication

I was handed a difficult document the other day, a long marketing plan heading well into double digit pages. The section on communication was difficult to read, mainly because it lacked direct prompts for development of...

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Weaner season comes to end

With only one more weaner auction next week Wednesday in the South, Agra announced this week it has conducted a series of successful auctions, marked by a high number of animals marketed. The regional and national winners of the...

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Bonsmara, Brahman, bank’s favourites

The annual Bonsmara promotional day in August and the accompanying G8 auction have become a platform for sharing information, and from expert presentations by the leading minds in stud cattle breeding. The Agri Division of First...

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