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Month: July 2015

Further cost cutting at Langer Heinrich

Australian uranium miner and owner of the Langer Heinrich mine, Paladin this week announced that it would cut costs further following an announcement last week that it was scalling down on its capital expenditure as the mining...

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Weather 31 July 2015

What HappenedA rare phenomenon manifested during the course of the week. Early in the week, the customary high pressure cell sat over South Africa causing a pronounced airflow from the north-east across the eastern half of...

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Food security continues to weaken

Household food security continues to weaken as the recent main crop harvest failed to provide the much-needed improvement to the deteriorating overall food security situation. According to the Namibia early Warning and Food...

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Lithium hopes rest on Black Fire

Nestled in San Carlos, California is Tesla, founded by South African born entrepreneur and media darling, Elon Musk. While San Carlos may be on the other side of the world, tinkering on Musk and Tesla will soon give rise to a...

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