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Month: May 2014

Horse Mackerel gamble plays well for Esau

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources recently introduced a requirement that 2% of the total allowable catch for horse mackerel be targeted for value addition initiatives locally. The total allowable catch for horse...

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It is still flying but for how long

Scouting through a list of issues that demand editorial attention this week, I was pleasantly surprised to learn on Thursday that unemployment is now down to zero. In my mind I always had this horrible 51% unemployment figure,...

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30 May 2014

What Happened?Conditions across the sub-continent have been under the influence of two complex low pressure systems, the first of which announced its arrival over the weekend with windy conditions over the interior. In its wake...

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Auto Show launched at Old Wheelers Club

Standard Bank Namibia launched the 2014 Auto Show on this week at the Old Wheelers Club, Olympia. The Standard Bank Auto Show will be held on 04 and 05 July 2014 at the SKW Sports Fields in Olympia. The theme for this years...

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