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Month: December 2012

Excellent research

The Rectors Researcher of the Year Award went to Kasper Jenson from the School of Information and Technology. Jenson’s research is about localising smart phone applications as a means to benefit communities. “We have all these...

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Do you like my new ride?

Paulus Nakawa, Head of Corporate Communications at Air Namibia (left); Namibian Ambassador to Germany, Neville Gertze; Xavier Masule, Air Namibia General Manager for Commercial Services; Kerstin Bornemann, Airbus Head of...

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Team Namibia must take the flag and run

Trade and Industry Minister, Calle Schlettwein has urged Team Namibia to revisit its marketing strategy in order to develop a niche market for locally produced commodities. In a recent interview, Schlettwein said Team Namibia...

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Five black rhinos up for trophy hunters

Five black rhino males have been earmarked to be hunted as trophy animals following the latest approval and release by Cabinet of the hunting concessions from next year to 2017. These concessions all apply to state-owned land...

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You want guarantee or you want cheap?

Overhearing this terse question in one of the dozens of shops in the smaller so-called China Town in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area, brought a discreet smile to my face. A shopper was arguing with the vendor over both price...

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Tourists hit by global crisis

Although the number of tourists have slightly increased since 2010, according to the 2011 Annual Tourist Arrival Statistics Report, fewer non-African tourists visited the country during 2011.The report states that a total of...

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