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Author: Weatherman

Weather 21 October 2016

What Happened The anti-cyclonic circulation over the sub-continent is growing in strength by the week. The effect can be seen in the airflow which is predominantly north-east to north, and the very hot afternoons over the...

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Weather 14 October 2016

What Happened During September, the Oceanic Nino Index (ONI), for the first time since March 2012, registered -0.5 (minus zero point five). This index maintained by the Climate Prediction Center in the National Oceanic and...

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Weather 07 October 2016

What Happened A low pressure system with a well-defined vortex just south of Madagascar presented itself at the beginning of the week as the main synoptic feature. Alas that was not to be as it fizzled out over two days becoming...

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Weather 23 September 2016

What Happened Local weather continues to be dominated by the South Atlantic high pressure cell. In fact, most of southern Africa was under high pressure control for the duration of the week with only a weak mid-level trough...

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Weather 16 September 2016

What Happened During the course of this week, the South Atlantic high pressure cell slowly made its way across the Atlantic while the continental interior was mostly under low pressure control. The results was a relatively quiet...

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Weather 09 September 2016

What Happened The Southern Oscillation Index maintained by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology this week went above 7 index points for the first time since June 2014. This index has hovered in positive territory since early...

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Weather 25 August 2016

What Happened The weather is settling into a predictive late winter pattern showing a mostly neutral synoptic progression. The cold spell early in the week was not unexpected but brief. As is typical, it was the result of the...

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