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Mining geospatial data to design targeted marketing and sales strategies

By Ben Leo, CEO of Fraym, a geospatial data analytics company using more than 2000 unique indicators for 200 African cities Africa is a place of extreme contrasts, with a booming middle class and small, rapidly growing clusters of wealth existing alongside swathes of widespread poverty. For a business owner hoping to tap into these growing markets, the value of population and geospatial data at a granular level cannot be overstated. How, for example, is a restaurant or coffee chain that is already experiencing promising growth in East Africa to accurately understand neighbouring markets, into which they hope to...

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African Development Bank achieves 100% investment in green energy Projects in 2017

Côte d’Ivoire −The African Development Bank achieved a 100% investment in renewable energy in 2017, a major landmark in its commitment to clean energy and efficiency. Power generation projects with a cumulative 1,400 megawatts exclusively from renewables were approved during the year, with plans to increase support for renewable energy projects in 2018 under the New Deal on Energy for Africa. According to Bank President, Akinwumi Adesina, ‘’We are clearly leading on renewable energy. We will help Africa unlock its full energy potential, while developing a balanced energy mix to support industrialization. Our commitment is to ensure 100% climate...

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Starting the year on a clean slate – Cleaning Data

By: Llewellyn le Hané Director Green Enterprise Solutions We have all been there. Trying to add someone’s contact details to your phone only to see that the SIM or the phone memory is full. Now comes the painful decision…’who do I delete, so this new contact can be saved?’ Only to realise that while scrolling through your contact list you have a multitude of duplicates in your phone taking up valuable memory space. It started me thinking. If my private phone with a couple of hundred contacts already has duplicates and multiple entries for the same person, how do...

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Economists call for new approach to close Africa’s glaring wealth gap

By Kingsley Ighobor for Africa Renewal From “Africa Reeling” to “Africa Rising,” there’s a new narrative for the African continent, now showing promising signs of sustainable growth under more stable governments. McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, predicts that Africa’s combined GDP will be US$2.6 trillion by 2020 and that “Africa’s consumer spending by 128 million households with discretionary income is expected to be around US$1.4 trillion.” But a new report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) finds that Africa’s new wealth is increasingly concentrated in only a very few hands. Disappointingly, 10 of the world’s...

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Lexus LS 600 dons electronic array in Toyota’s quest to lead full self-drive capability

The posh Lexus LS 600h L has been chosen by engineers at the Toyota Research Institute as the ideal vehicle for their next-generation Platform 3.0 automated driving research. The concept self-drive has been revealed last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States gaming mecca, Las Vegas, which started on 09 January 2018. The Prototype Development Center at TMNA R&D headquarters in York, Michigan, which has expertise in low-volume, specialised production, built the car from a standard Lexus LS model. Announcing their research in next-level personal transport automation, Toyota said this week their research institute approached the...

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At last, consensus on the much-anticipated Basel 3 capital requirements for banks

By Howard Davies, Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland. LONDON – After long and sometimes painful negotiations, which stress-tested the personal relationships between many countries’ central bankers and regulators to the limit, the Basel Committee laid a long-expected egg in December. Described as a package that finalizes the post-2008 reforms to the global regime for bank capital, it brings to an end the process known as Basel 3. Bankers have dubbed the result “Basel 4,” arguing that the final package contains many new and more burdensome requirements. But the Committee is adamant that the new rules should be...

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Life begins with women, so does empowering a nation

By Frieda Ndinelago Amadhila B Comm (hons) graduate in financial engineering majoring in financial derivatives, investment, corporate risk management, portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, bank management, financial modelling and international finance. There is an adage that says, “educate a woman, empower a nation.” Women in Namibia play a crucial role in the nation’s welfare, from generation continuity to raising families. Statistics show that women dominate numbers in tertiary institutions. The hope is to attain a good education and jobs to provide for their families, as well as educating them for a better future. The Namibian Students Financial Assistance...

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Confidence will only return to South Africa once self-serving dealmaking is eliminated

An Economic Agenda for South Africa’s Next Government By Andrew Donaldson, a former Deputy Director General of South Africa’s National Treasury, and currently Senior Research Associate, Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit at the University of Cape Town. Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2017. CAPE TOWN – Almost two decades after Nelson Mandela was thwarted in his efforts to name Cyril Ramaphosa as his successor, African National Congress party members have now elected him as their leader. Of course, Ramaphosa is not yet president of South Africa. But expectations are already high that economic policy will take a new...

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