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That Awkward Moment

Cast: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan,
Director: Tom Gormican
Screenplay: Tom Gormican
Rating: **

What starts off as a really nice romantic movie turns out to be a really crappy cinematic tale. We have Jason (Zac Erfon) freezing his butt off on some bench reminiscing on just how he messed up in his most recent relationship.
He is waiting for his ex-girlfriend to forgive him and take him back.
The first thing that comes to mind is: Oh my God this is yet another awesome romantic comedy, let me get cozy and have my tissues ready for some crying as I am about to go on an emotional roller coaster.
However what follows is the biggest load of mediocrity to have ever hit the romantic comedy circuit.
 The film follows the lives of three best friends, Jason, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) and Daniel (Miles Teller) in their quest to find happiness or rather avoid getting too attached in their relationships.
The trio makes a pact never to fall in love again after all getting disappointed by the women in their lives.
The film in itself is awkward and befits its title, with the actors trying too hard to do something that should come naturally. Maybe if it is the story about one of the actors and not all three of them, then the film would have been much better, otherwise the storyline is just all over the place.
Thirty minutes into the film, I started to wonder why I was wasting my time watching this. Clearly being tortured, I comforted myself that watching Efron undress would at least count as some form of entertainment because the storyline and the acting suddenly made me want to gag.
As a girl in my 20’s I felt really insulted that this is how romance in my age group is portrayed.

The level at which this film tries to negotiate an audience, is utterly unromantic. I at least expected it to be funny but all I got was scene after scene of cringy stuff.
Even worse are the sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a pervert or anything of that sort but if you are watching a film where the guys resolve to casual sex instead of dating for love, then the sex scenes have to be as people in my age group would say ‘off the hinges’ but no, the sex scenes are also awkward and unsettling.
I am not convinced that the film would even appeal to an older audience as some of the scenes are a bit too childish and can only be related to by a younger audience that have no idea what a romantic comedy is all about.  ‘That Awkward Moment’ is nothing but a cliché, and a colossal waste of time that I and so many other people will sadly never get back to watch again.
I do not remember how many times I paused the film so that I could do other things. I managed to do my laundry and clean my room and when the movie was playing I found myself looking for anything entertaining on all the social media that I am a part of while Efron and his cast tried so hard to keep my eyes on the screen.
Like an American hip-hop artist said, I don’t want no mediocre, so I am definitely not recommending this film to anyone. Watch it at your own risk unless you are a Zac Efron fan. Otherwise just prepare to have a prolonged two hours of a very very awkward moment.

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