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SALT introduces SAP Business 1

After 16 years in operation, ICT solutions provider SALT Essential Information Technology found itself with a legacy system that inhibited daily operations and limited the opportunities for obtaining future growth. The company tackled this issue and aimed to ensure efficiency of service delivery to its over 100 clients that includes Old Mutual, the Ministry of Defence and various local universities through the integration of SAP Africa’s Business One solution.
“As a player in Namibia’s ICT environment it is crucial that our own in-house systems and IT infrastructure enable internal efficiencies, in turn driving customer delivery and satisfaction,” said Claudia Jaeger, SALT’s Head of Finance, HR and Administration.
Consequently, one of SALT’s key business goals was to constantly focus on customer service and to achieve this, the company needed a scalable, holistic and integrated system. This system needed to have access to real-time information for improved customer efficiencies, the ability to meet current business demands and cope with future growth.

SALT elected four most as its implementation partner and vendor for SAP Business One, with the go-live phase of the project being scheduled for early October. “SAP Business One will provide SALT with a completely integrated business system. The CRM module functionality will provide up to the minute accurate customer information, enabling the company to meet its goal of improved client service management,” said Desmond Nair, head of ecosystem and channels at SAP Africa. Jaeger added, “The most powerful benefit for SALT is the seamless and automated reporting SAP Business One allows. The implementing of SAP Business One will provide us with the advantage of knowing at all times where we stand as a business and this is invaluable to us, as it allows for the effective management of daily operational efficiencies that no business can afford to be without.”

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