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Give Scott a chance

Until last week I was a proud Zambian girl that is living in the 21st century, in an era were everyone has the right to express themselves, be whoever they want to be, marry whoever they want to marry regardless of race, or sexual orientation.
All that pride turned into shame when Former Zambian President Michael Chilufya Sata died due to an undisclosed illness and Zambians turned on his second in command Guy Scott because of the colour of his skin.
I watched the news as Zambians took to the streets of Lusaka protesting that they did not want colonialism back, hello!
 What colonialism are you talking about, why are you still stuck in the dark ages when America whose populations consists of mostly white people has a black president, if the majority of the Americans are able to accept being ruled by a black president, why can’t Zambia have a white president?
I seriously don’t understand what the hullabaloo is all about because the Zambian constitution clearly states that in the event that a president dies or resigns the vice-president takes over as Acting President,  so it is really surprising that Zambians are against Guy Scott ruling them even if it is just for 90 days.
I know a lot can happen in 90 days, he may change a few things but that does not mean that the man is Satan.
The man hasn’t been in office for a month yet and you are already demonizing him.
Saying having a white president will bring back colonialism is probably the most racial statement ever said in Zambia post independence, it brings me so much shame I even fail to engage in Zambian political debates let alone any political debates because I fear being reminded of the giant backward step that my fellow Zambians took when they called for Scott to step down and let a black man lead them instead.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Zambians are stupid for having divergent views on who should rule them, I am saying they are better people, they are people that are loving, forgiving and receptive of all man kind regardless of his or her skin colour.]

 I am saying Zambians are not back ward thinkers, the level of hate being shown to President Guy Scott is enough to make you think that Scott’s direct relatives were the reason that Zambians were oppressed in the colonial days which is however not the case.
 I feel the poor man is being made to suffer for sins he did not commit which is a pity because I have been observing his leadership skills even before Former President Michael Sata passed away and I must say the man is as much as a good leader as his predecessor.
I really don’t see how Scott ruling Zambia will bring back colonialism, I admire his leadership skills and actually feel that he is a true African man regardless of the colour of his skin.
In my opinion the whole ‘we don’t want a white president’ debacle is because Zambians see a lot of the late Michael Sata’s traits in Scott, Sata was a no nonsense man hence the nickname ‘king cobra’. Zambians are really just scared of having a white Michael Sata.
I kid you not Scott is as loving, hard working and as dedicated to his people, which is you my fellow Zambians. Remember God made us all in his image black, white, yellow, brown, green we are all one.  Acting President Guy Scott is a son of Africa just like you are.
I say give the man a chance, he has been a good Vice-president and will therefore make an even better Interim President, race should not over rule the love for one another.

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