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What women want – The Honda CR-V 2.4

The Honda CR-V 2.4 is everything a woman wants from a car. (Photograph contributed)The 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic transmission, hi-range 4×4, make this SUV a honey to drive. But women consider elements other than break-neck speeds, engine output and performance specs when appreciating her personal set of wheels. I was immediately taken in by the CR-V’s aesthetics, attractive design, comfortable ride and easy driving.
If you don’t actually want to go off-roading in a serious way, but still need everything else offered by a 4×4, then the Honda CR-V is an excellent choice.
No big alterations were made to the new SUV model. The changes are distinct, but not radical. Swoopier headlights and a slightly flatter rear end are all that mark the latest CR-V from its predecessor. In its new version, it is an even better looking vehicle. Subtle cosmetic and design changes all contribute to enhancing its attractiveness and give it a fresh, modern look.
The big selling point for the CR-V is its practicality. A dividable boot space allows the ability to hide plenty of kit out of sight, and includes a handy shelf. The rear seats fold down individually to make it easer to load large items. The flat floor means that there’s plenty of legroom for rear passengers and headroom is generous, too. Access is very easy all round and the rear seats slide back and forth to alternate between more space in the boot or better legroom for passengers. There is an assortment of cubby holes and segments for cabin storage in the front of the car as well, with arm rests for the front two seats making the front of the car a comfortable and practical place to be.
An outstanding feature is the ample legroom for two grown-ups on the rear seat.
The suspension is a touch firm but not hard like in a bakkie. In a very short time I was used to the stiffer cornering and as I became more familiar with the SUV, actually enjoyed to push it a little harder than what I normally drive. And with its superb visibility all round, situational awareness is so much better than the run-of-the-mill SUVs.
The petrol engine is adequate, but it needs to be worked to get the CR-V going. It comes with a five-speed automatic gearbox, which is smooth most of the time, but can be a bit slow to change down a gear on occasions. The CR-V handles corners well, with minimal body roll, and light but accurate steering. Acceleration is adequate but it’s not quite as brisk as some four-cylinder competitors.
There’s very little wind and engine noise. The four-wheel drive system provides reassurance on gravel roads, even if you wont be taking the car offroad often.
Honda has fitted the CR-V with plenty of safety elements, including an advanced stability control system that counteracts a snaking caravan or trailer that you might be towing.
“Good to drive, well built and safe, the Honda CR-V is a solid and reliable performer.”
The CR-V 2.4 Elegance retails for N$376,272. There is a somewhat more affordable 2 litre version for N$312,618, and a very expensive top-of-the-range 2.4 Executive for N$423,583.

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