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Volumes at Corridors hit record high

Volumes along all the Walvis Bay Corridors have hit a record high of more than 63 000 tonnes for the month of January 2012.
According to acting  marketing and communications officer of Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), Maria Paulus, this is a significant growth of cargo volumes along the TransKalahari, TransCaprivi and TransKunene Corridors respectively.
“From a mere 10 trucks a day that left the Port of Walvis Bay seven years ago to other SADC countries, more than 1 000 vehicles are entering or leaving the Port of Walvis Bay on a monthly basis,” Paulus said.
Meanwhile, she said that although some markets such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and DRC have experienced stronger growth than the other markets during January, a growth factor has been seen with all the Corridor markets for the past six months.
“The Botswana and South Africa (Gauteng) markets are growing slowly, with the variety of commodities being expanded along these corridors. Imports and exports for Malawi via Walvis Bay are also on the up-rise, as this market also offers an immense possibility of attracting commodities such as tobacco to be transported via Walvis Bay,” Paulus added.
The Angolan market also showed an up rise during the past six months as more types of commodities are being transported via Walvis Bay destined for southern Angola.
In support of this growth and development, Paulus said that WBCG is in the process of expanding its regional and international footprint to ensure a stronger market presence.
An international information campaign will be implemented during the course of the year to  various international markets such as Europe, Brazil, China and India to create awareness and inform decision makers in these markets on the opportunities Walvis Bay can offer to potential shippers in the transport and logistics industry.

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