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Environmental Awards draw closer

The Environment and Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) in partnership with the Sustainable Development Advisory Council will host the Namibia Sustainable Development Awards on 3  December at the Gateway Centre in Windhoek.
The successful launch of the awards in September had a follow up process which provided institutions, local authorities, individuals and businesses an opportunity to submit nominations for projects that deserved recognition.
The Sustainable Development Awards programme invited participants nationwide to join in the search of companies, local authorities, civil society organizations and individuals that have demonstrated excellence in the pursuit of sustainable and responsible development.

Categories up for contention will receive a trophy, certificate as well as a cash prize that will differ according to the different categories. The categories are as follows: Natural Resource Management and Utilisation (N$150,000); Research and Development (N$80,000); Thought Leadership (N$30,000) , cash prize to be donated to a charity of choice and finally the Environmental Education and Communication for Sustainability and Environment excellence (N$20,000). Applicants are encouraged to highlight campaigns and initiatives, which have led to demonstrable impacts in terms on environmental issues and promoting behavioural change among the population.
Submission deadline is 14 November. Entry forms are available on the EIF’s website.

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